Perfectly Flawed

Perfectly Flawed Paper thinpale porcelain skinaching bones upon the wake. Sullen dawna hole in the cloudsand I’m thinking I might break. Dark sky burstsrain pelting, meltingglacial heart that never thawed. Fragile soulbleeding wounds that healedand I am perfectly flawed. Colleen Keller Breuning © 2022 July 30, 2022

Scattered Stardust

Scattered Stardust Southern skies beckon this warm summer night,Horizon stretching to infinity.As Venus and Mars cast radiant light,The Milky Way blossoms in full glory. Inhaling deep as the twilight unwinds,Emotions are steeped in indigo blue.I travel the galaxy in my mind,Endlessly searching for remnants of you. As the nightingale sings a mournful tune,I sense yourContinue reading “Scattered Stardust”

Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand The wind blew coldThe moon grew oldAnd just where did our time go?In void of grayYou slipped awayWhere all cloaked emotions flow… Inhale the breezeOf churning seasAs hope scatters across land.I stand aloneHand clasping stoneAnd I draw lines in the sand… I drew you lines in the sand,Lines in the sand…Continue reading “Lines in the Sand”

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice The sun is settling down gently,casting shadows upon western peaks.Baby bunnies scurry towards the brushas the lonely catbird speaks. Clouds refract soft pastel hues,cotton candy melting in the skies.A spark of joy ignites my heart,and I am dancing with the fireflies. I chase the summer solstice,down to the wooden bridge.I leap through goldenContinue reading “Summer Solstice”

Shipwreck Heart

Shipwreck Heart Blacksea churnsas waves crashon rocky beachstorm rages offshoredistant lightning flashesneon bolts splitting the skythe turmoil is moving closerbut there is no shelter from this stormI crouch in the sand, pelted by fine grainsas the west wind whips into a frenzythunder rumbles as the storm ragesa tempest in my shipwreck heartreeling that you wereContinue reading “Shipwreck Heart”

Spirit of the Forest

Spirit of the Forest Far above the towering redwoodsWhere the lone bald eagle flies,Steely clouds conspire and gatherTo break in alabaster skies. Monsoon descends upon green woods,Crystal raindrops mingle with tears.Shadows creep within the forest,Stirring up my deepest fears. A life of suffering and sins,I hear your cry upon the winds.If only I could stopContinue reading “Spirit of the Forest”


Weightless Twilight callingscent of jasmine in the airstarlight fallingsilver strands upon my hair. You take my handpull me close against your chestlove is dawningmy fretful spirit cannot rest. See the ambient moon risinghigh up in the nightand my heart aches for freedomto dance in the amber lightto spread my wings and take flightholding onuntil dawnwhenContinue reading “Weightless”

No Closure

No Closure Your strangled voice echoed down the stairwell;Horrific words, a dagger to the heart.Like a heavy anvil, the sorrow fell…A bone crushing weight that tears one apart. Emotions scatter like leaves on the breeze;A free spirit, you reveled in your youth.Your beautiful soul riddled with disease…We struggle to accept this painful truth. No closure,Continue reading “No Closure”

Aim for the Stars

Aim For the Stars She dances, a tiny beautyLeaping through cloud formationsBlonde hair flying in the breeze. She gallops, full of laughterPerched on her pink silk ponyShe steals your heart away with ease. Her smile glints golden sunlightRadiant, warm and lovelyFollow all your whimsies, little sweetheartFollow all your dreams, little sweetheartWhirl on, twirl on,Aiming forContinue reading “Aim for the Stars”

Withered Sunflowers

Withered Sunflowers Smoke and flames frame the horizon;Red blood runs cold, hope forsaking.Distant gunshots are growing closer,And the sinister skies are breaking. Families torn, they flee the border,Clutching withered sunflowers in hand.A demented monster unleashes terror,And destruction spills across the land. The rain beats down upon my windowOn this endless and forlorn day.I crave yourContinue reading “Withered Sunflowers”