Butterfly Piano

Butterfly Piano Keyscaressedby fingersgently strokingblack and ivorysweet music sets us freecrimson blood thrums in our veinsas intangible passions stiron wings of enchanted butterflyresonating in hollows of my hearttake me to this place of serenityyour wings cover mine, softly guide mechills down my spine, the song beginsour spirits take flight at duskdelicate pas de deuxas twoContinue reading “Butterfly Piano”

Ode to Dark Times

Ode to Dark Times Broken black clouds taunt overhead,Filling up hearts with sense of dread.Cold rain tumbles relentlessly;The future is too dark to see. Don’t harbor truth with alibis,Dark stains bruising blue crystal skies.Ominous signs of travesty;The future is too dark to see. Sinking down deep into quicksandTo hide the blood upon your hands.Overwhelmed byContinue reading “Ode to Dark Times”


Productivity Monday mornings come with a tinge of blues.I rise at dawn and punch the clock for years,Achieving all my goals, paying my dues…Blazing the trail with my blood, sweat and tears. A hamster wheel of productivity,Pangs of guilt for every wasted minute,Breeding anger and negativity….You can’t see the damage while you’re in it. AContinue reading “Productivity”


Cloudburst There’s a low hanging kind of gloomstretching across the twilight skylike nefarious, ugly castaways  pregnant with foul regretstruth tinged with suspicious lies. A cold western wind rises upand the clouds burst wide opentorrents of raindrops tilt sidewaysa raging river in the asphaltfoils my ill-timed escape. And I am running for my lifecries and cursesContinue reading “Cloudburst”

Mellow Drama

Mellow Drama I watch the colors in the skylazy wayward clouds drifting bytwilight morphing crimson and goldas the mellow drama unfolds. I smell a fragrance light and fairnight blooming jasmine fills the airits white blossoms of grace exudeinfuse my soul with gratitude. I hear the plaintive catbird callsa sad serenade as dusk fallsmelancholy song inContinue reading “Mellow Drama”

Beast of Burden

Beast of Burden I’m facing dark clouds tomorrowSoul weighed down by pain and sorrowWestern wind is blowing colderBeast of burden on my shoulder. Off the rails, rogue brain is chasingDaunting demons I am facingFear etched face, I’m feeling olderBeast of burden on my shoulder. My heart pounds wildly on the edgeTeetering on unstable ledgeCast awayContinue reading “Beast of Burden”

Summer Storms

Summer Storms Summer storms are coming,I can feel them in my heart.Hope melting in extreme heatas the sky is torn apart. Thunder rolls in deep and fast,raindrops pelt my windowpane.Lone raven struggles in the windand I’m channeling his pain. Standing in the pouring rain,crying out, what am I doing here?Wash my sorrows into the ground,dissolveContinue reading “Summer Storms”

Beyond the Spanish Moss

Beyond the Spanish Moss Scrub pines and banyans beckonbedecked with Spanish mosslazy cumulus clouds drift freeacross the periwinkle horizon. Fiery sun rises opposite the moonits early morning heat blazingas the dragonfly silently hoversalighting on dew drenched lily pad. The blue heron turns, unblinkinglifts long delicate wings in flightgliding gracefully across the bayand the seagulls areContinue reading “Beyond the Spanish Moss”


Tangerine Sitting at a stoplightas I look the other waymosquito on the dashboardmeasuring a summer’s day. Familiar song on the radiotakes me back to the fraya memory churns slowlyI find it slips away to grey. One split second hesitationspeeding car, runaway trainthinking of what might have beenthe hours they bring me pain. Blaring horns, obscenitiesmouthContinue reading “Tangerine”


Imminent Whir of cicadasdead wings scatter in hot breezeseventeen year plague Golden sun blazessinking into purple hillsas days grow longer Rumble of thunderfireflies and lightning bolts flashnimbus clouds breaking Fingers grazing skinheat blazes deep within mesummer imminent Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021June 18, 2021 Even though Blogophilia is on hiatus this summer, my plan isContinue reading “Imminent”