Golden Parachutes ~ Blogophilia 51.13

Golden Parachutes On Monday mornings I wake up with dread.My heart is pounding, gut heavy with rocks,Exploding pressure cooker in my head…Bracing for chaos as I punch the clock. Mountains of emails and telephone calls,Dealing with problems and bad attitudes.I’m losing all patience, hitting the wall…I’d like just one moment of solitude. The week isContinue reading “Golden Parachutes ~ Blogophilia 51.13”

Promise of the Rose ~ Blogophilia 50.13

Promise of the Rose A promised green garden withers to seed, Dried petals scattered on the barren ground. Silent anguish as the crimson rose bleeds, Grief carried on the wind without a sound. Tears burn a path when hope has slipped away, Hot crystals sparking precious memories. The fragrance of the summer jasmine sway, TheContinue reading “Promise of the Rose ~ Blogophilia 50.13”

Far Too Young ~ Blogophilia 49.13

Far Too Young Dark shadows drift across my mind,Like saints and sinners marching blind.As thoughts of painful past invade,Memories of tomorrow fade. Watch the credits roll to the end,Far too young to bury a friend.The rope unravels, thin and frayed;Memories of tomorrow fade. Shards of sunlight pierce through the heart,Forcing dense strands of grief apart.DeniedContinue reading “Far Too Young ~ Blogophilia 49.13”

Whiskey Drinker’s Sonnet ~ Blogophilia 48.13

Whiskey Drinker’s Sonnet  (Dark Sonnet #3) The winter sun fades out, no crimson glowAnd a wall of endless white is falling.As I shiver against the ice and snow…The bottle of Macallan is calling. Into cut glass, I pour liquid courage,A cascade of gold hope to see me through.North Star beckons, a trail to encourage…Just follow itContinue reading “Whiskey Drinker’s Sonnet ~ Blogophilia 48.13”

War ~ Blogophilia 47.13

War life’s an illusionwe are lead to delusionswall of confusion the world isn’t roundstrange shenanigans aboundas bombs hit the ground minutes are crawlingthe salt of my tears fallingand change is calling in world of misdeedspeace destroyed by pride and greedyou are all I need Colleen Keller BreuningJanuary 29, 2021 For some reason, the topic broughtContinue reading “War ~ Blogophilia 47.13”

Dark Sonnet #2 ~ Blogophilia 46.13

Dark Sonnet #2 Ominous storm clouds in my headUnspoken words need to be saidUnder siege of hostilityAnd I am ready to break free. I fall to pieces in the nightFighting through waves of dark and lightSinking deep in turbulent seaAnd I am ready to break free. Washed up on the rock laden shoreI find theContinue reading “Dark Sonnet #2 ~ Blogophilia 46.13”

Dark Sonnet #1 ~ Blogophilia 45.13

Dark Sonnet #1 The angry midnight sun blazesLuna cycles through her phasesThe black skies whisper subtle clues….I’m dark as the holiday blues. A world around us filled with strife,Nobody wins this game of life.Let all my truths be misconstrued…I’m dark as the holiday blues. When the sky was opened, I fellTaking the last flight boundContinue reading “Dark Sonnet #1 ~ Blogophilia 45.13”

Grasshoppers, Dolphins and Eagles ~ Blogophilia 44.13

Grasshoppers, Dolphins and Eagles Stayor gothe questionto be answeredI look to the skiessearching for harmonybut I see clouds of discordanxiety builds up insideand suddenly, I want to break freelike grasshoppers jumping in fields of greenlike dolphins swimming in the azure seaI want to soar in crystal blue skiesI want to fly like an eaglelet myContinue reading “Grasshoppers, Dolphins and Eagles ~ Blogophilia 44.13”

Touch the Alabaster Skies ~ Blogophilia 43.13

Touch the Alabaster Skies A distant future waits for meBeyond the black, turbulent seaMy hopes and fears to be reckoned,Multiplying by the second. Clouds break above the bare oak trees;A distant future waits for me.Dark thoughts pile in as wave crash down.Limbs flail as I begin to drown. I hear the mourning dove’s sad criesandContinue reading “Touch the Alabaster Skies ~ Blogophilia 43.13”

Bells on Christmas Eve ~ Blogophilia 42.13

Bells on Christmas Eve Jupiter aligned with Saturnand winter took a bitter turn.Our flashlights scanned the galaxy as the hoot owl whispered softly. Do you remember hearing bellsjingling as Christmas Eve snow fell?By my window cold and icy,as the hoot owl whispered softly. Where did you go? Why did you leave?Bells break the silence as IContinue reading “Bells on Christmas Eve ~ Blogophilia 42.13”