Imminent Whir of cicadasdead wings scatter in hot breezeseventeen year plague Golden sun blazessinking into purple hillsas days grow longer Rumble of thunderfireflies and lightning bolts flashnimbus clouds breaking Fingers grazing skinheat blazes deep within mesummer imminent Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021June 18, 2021 Even though Blogophilia is on hiatus this summer, my plan isContinue reading “Imminent”

Breaking Sad ~ Blogophilia 13.14

Breaking Sad badmoon risingtears slip downreading sad newspen poised in my handyet the words will not flowfresh ideas do not sparkin the dry desert of my mindthe time has come for a hiatusfor fourteen years we have joined togethersharing laughter, love, pieces of our soulfriendships were nurtured, memories madenever forget the happy timesour amazing adventuressoContinue reading “Breaking Sad ~ Blogophilia 13.14”

Sketches of Pain

Sketches of Pain Dark clouds threaten, sky splits apartFlooding emotions, bleeding heartsUgly secrets, women in chainsBroken spirits praying for rain. Flash of lightning, crash of thunderLast shred of faith torn asunderHaunting whistle of distant trainBroken spirits praying for rain. But something changes in the airHope cuts through layers of despairFingers tracing sketches of painBroken spiritsContinue reading “Sketches of Pain”

I Am the Lotus

I Am the Lotus take me to a placewhere time is an illusionand love is in bloom birdsong in oak treescent of lilac fills my headcold dew upon grass soft lips of velvetI will always rememberscent of rose petals I am the lotusopening up for the suncraving your warm kiss let your light shine downwashContinue reading “I Am the Lotus”

In the Shallows

In the Shallows Nopromiseis everunbreakablehollow words echoedcutting deep as a knifeI struggled against darknesshaunting voices of the afreetinner demons taunting, pushing mebeyond the rocky shore, torn and tatteredI was drowning in the shallows of lifeangry clouds parted as the storm ebbedon my knees, I crawled to the lightspilling warmth on my cold skinyour spirit touchingContinue reading “In the Shallows”


Downstream down by the waterI ponder meaning of lifelay my burden down blue trail of sorrowheart drops like a sinking stoneclear to the bottom gravity defiedas I float downstreamin gentle river washed ashore, breathless,hands reach out in grateful skiesas a new dawn breaks Colleen Keller Breuning © 2021May 14, 2021 Ecrits Blogophilia Week 9.14 Topic: ByContinue reading “Downstream”

Black Swan

Black Swan See her glide across liquid fields of blue,The shape of water morphing in her tracks.Through dappled clouds, bright rays of light shine throughAs dewdrops glisten on her feathered back. Dark silhouette, epitome of grace, She shadow dances from dusk until dawn.A sweet ballet, accolades to embrace:Proud moments in the life of a black swan. Continue reading “Black Swan”

As The Wind Speaks

As the Wind Speaks… April sun fades in crimson skies,Serenaded by catbird cries.Owl takes refuge in maple treeAs the wind speaks softly to me. Thoughts tumble down, into the fray At the end of a weary day.Golden moon rises high and freeAs the wind speaks softly to me. In a trance, dancing by starlight;Lips like velvetContinue reading “As The Wind Speaks”

The Oracle Has Spoken

The Oracle Has Spoken  The crescent dawn arrives with shades of peachAs I float alone in the silent sea.A silver moon beckons just out of reach…Embryonic waters embracing me. A distant foghorn calls out in warning;Nimbus clouds shatter, torrents of rain pour.Sailors take heed with red skies at morning…Fighting through riptides, I make it toContinue reading “The Oracle Has Spoken”

Color My World

Color My World blueskylinemiles aboveFlorida greensfloating in white cloudsyellow sun blazes brighta thought pops into my headand I wonder, are we there yetfast descent, rolling down the tarmacI catch her in the distance, eyes brown danceshe’s the queen of hearts, she colors my worldrunning to me with arms open widein her crown of golden pigtailsI’mContinue reading “Color My World”